Maker was built on the power of connecting people with local and Australian creators and moving away from mass consumerism and unethical ideologies. We believe that we have the power to change the world based on what we buy, and by supporting the makers around us, we show that we appreciate the slow process, uniqueness of each handmade piece and the story they each tell.  


Founded by 19 year old Raine Ward and her artistic mum, Donna, Maker was born from a life long passion for all things handmade with love. After high school, Raine moved to Byron Bay for a year to study a degree in filmmaking. She was blown away by how eco-friendly the area was and how eagerly they embraced creativity and culture - everything she had always been extremely passionate about. The decision was made to move home to tropical Port Douglas during the coronavirus pandemic but Raine was determined it would not stop her from moving forward. Together, Raine and Donna transformed their space in just 6 weeks, rounding up all their favourite creatives from the local area and scouting out new small businesses from around the country. 


Fresh out of film school and devoted to transparency, Raine started a ‘Meet the Maker blog & video series which could be viewed on an interactive screen in store and of course, online. The aim was to put a face to each of their products and allow each maker to tell their story. Raine is committed to bringing new ideas to Maker to encourage creative power and a stronger sense of community. She plans to host regular workshops and exhibitions in their space and is always looking for new makers to feature on her blog. 


When Maker was created, Raine wanted to choose a charity that she knew was making a real difference. Her best friend Jack suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and she had seen first-hand how Cystic Fibrosis Australia had helped Jack and his family. Maker was made a member of the Diamond Jubilee Donors Club, donating $1,000 to help establish their $60,000 perpetuity account to secure the long-term future of the organisation. Raine is insistent on raising awareness for CF and will continue to shed light on how others can help.