Angelina knew she wanted to be a photographer from a young age. Now with 10 years experience, she captures the underwater world almost every day of the week!

Not knowing what she was getting herself into, Angelina took a scuba diving course at university and fell in love. She earned herself a job as an editor in New York City after graduating, but missed the creative side of taking her own photos and resigned after 3 years to go and explore Asia.

She began diving again and decided to combine her passions of photography and scuba diving. Angelina explains that it is the best decision she has ever made and can't stress enough how important it is to do what you love. She now wakes up excited to go to work and loves the thrill of discovering new creatures and surprises!

Angelina believes in promoting ocean awareness and how vast, beautiful and essential the ocean is. Growing up in New York, she didn't have much of an opportunity to experience or learn about the sea which is why she hopes that her photography will inspire people to take an interest and start a conversation.

"The ocean is vital for all life on Earth, including humans. If we want to have a sustainable future, we must protect and preserve healthy marine ecosystems."


Instagram: @angelina_pilarinos

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