Naturopath and health and wellness advocate, Bonnee Fahlstrom, is the founder of 'Body by Bonnee' plant based perfume oil created in the Daintree Rainforest. 'Love' perfume is made by hand, formulated with Australian certified organic cold pressed oils and is filled with ingredients that support your health and beauty.

"I have always promoted natural health and wellness and lived that lifestyle. I love to educate people about non-toxic/clean/vegan beauty. Having a voice that is making a positive difference to the world is so important for our generation and the generations to come."

With over 146,000 followers on Instagram, Bonnee uses her powerful platform to share what is important to her; conscious health and substance. When it comes to modelling, Bonnee is passionate about aligning herself with brands of integrity that promote being organic, cruelty free and following a sustainable lifestyle.

After studying a Bachelor of Health Science/Naturopathy degree for 4 years, Bonne formed the foundation to build her perfume oil. Her love for wild craft, herbal medicine, the power of nature and nutrition and plant based beauty has long been synonymous with holistic living.

Vanilla, Frankincense, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Melaleuca Teritifolia, Black Cumin Oil, Avocado Oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Jojoba Golden make up this wonderful 'Love' concoction. Not only can it be used as a perfume but as hair and body oil.

"Today it's about being aware of my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, not just some parts. There is nothing worse than being beautiful and feeling miserable. I'm a big believer in nurturing my inner environment, I know if I nourish my body with clean healthy nutrients and keep up with daily wellness practices like yoga, it supports my energy and shows on the outside."

When Bonnee isn't modelling around the country, creating gorgeous plant based perfume or running her online nutrition/naturopathy business, she enjoys practicing pilates and yoga and finds it peaceful to start the day with a walk along the beach. She is in the process of completing a degree in positive psychology life/health coaching and loves reading (she even has 4 books on the go at the moment!)

Bonnee explains that empowered, successful women who have created their own unique wellness businesses and brands inspire her the most. Miranda Kerr and Elle McPherson are two role models Bonne respects and is influenced by, as she believes they are highly successful in the industry and represent a positive healthy role model for younger women. They ooze wellness, natural beauty, health, substance and success; all the things Bonnee tries to promote daily.

Instagram: @bodybybonnee


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