Chrissie McLaughlin is one of the most vibrant and passion people you'll meet!

Using handmade paints ground from natural elements, Chrissie mixes her own pigments and creates the most beautiful artwork. You'll find her passing on her knowledge teaching workshops in schools and at the Cape Tribulation Holiday House.

Inspired by the tropical landscapes around her, Chrissie mostly paints in bright colours. Hunderwasser was her first favourite creative, admiring the way he produced artwork focussed on the environment well before it was a point of dicussion. My personal favourites are her mangroves and tranquil creek scenes.

Chrissie grew up in Coffs Harbour, NSW and went on to live in Europe for 10 years! She has been a Port Douglas local since 1990 and lives between her studio in Mowbray and her property in Cape Tribulation. She has met various famous people through her work including Charle Blackman, Robert Hannaford & Nick Nolte! Now, Chrissie deals with renowned Australian artist, Ray Crooke's, original artworks and loves his use of minimal colours.


Instagram: @chrissiemclaughlinart

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