Originally from South Australia, Donna and her highschool sweetheart, Geoff, spent their early 20’s travelling Australia in a revamped school bus, aptly named Beach Odyssey. For five years they visited almost every beach and island that this beautiful country has to offer, before finally settling in tropical Port Douglas. 

Along the way, Donna became mum to two beautiful children, Raine and Reef; now teenagers. Together they love nothing more than experiencing the wonders of nature; be it camping on a tiny sand cay in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef, hiking the glaciers of Mt Cook NZ, flying through the majestic Grand Canyon or the dense jungles of Hawaii. 

When not planning their next holiday, Donna juggles her time between curating their dream home at Shannonvale, the family plumbing business, her two holiday properties

and more recently, Maker.  

Despite her many interests, Donna's love of art has always been at her core. As a child, she would sit and sketch for hours on end, creating life-like drawings to give away as gifts. As she grew older, her interest turned to making bespoke homewares for her family and friends, usually from timber and textiles.  

The need for original artwork at Maker Port Douglas has enabled Donna to get back into the studio and fulfil her dream of becoming a full-time artist. Her first series 'Gatherings' is inspired by the feeling one gets when surrounded by those that they love. 

To see Donna's originals or customise a print, come and see us in store!


Instagram: @donnawardcreative

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