Born and raised in Port Douglas, Hazuki Kirby has always been creative. Now a full-time design student in Brisbane, Hazuki paints incredible watercolour pieces in her down time. In August 2019, Hazuki started experimenting with watercolour for fun and decided to make an Instagram as a visual journal of her creations. Now, Hazuki receives

commission work from all over Australia!

"I grew up watching my talented mum paint. She taught me about composition, narrative, colour and all the basics from the age of around 8 years old."

Inspired by nature, textures and Port Douglas, Hazuki loves to paint amazing sea creatures, tropical plants and animals full of colour and detail. She also specialises in graphite sketches and takes commissions on pet portraiture. Her dream is to be able to develop her own unique style where people can recognise instantly that it is a 'Hazuki' piece.

Hazuki spends from 2 - 20 hours on her pieces. When she has time between uni study, she paints things she is inspired by which allows her to not only unwind and relax but also practise her craft. She believes that having a supportive and motivating family and friends helps her to not only be a better person but become more passionate about her craft.

Hazuki is an adventure seeker who grew up fishing and taking only what she needs. Her dad taught her to appreciate the little things in life and embrace the natural world around her. Her partner, Daniel, is her number one supporter and adores Hazuki's hard work and devotion. Yoshiko, Hazuki's mum is her mentor in life and guides her with her wise outlook on life and art. She teaches Hazuki how to connect with art and what is beyond an image.

Instagram: @artby_hazuki

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