Jen Eales has been handcrafting jewellery for about 34 years. At heart, an artist and metal smith by trade, Jen finds a profound connection with the stories she can create through her creations. Through her experiences as a seamstress, she truly found her passion in jewellery in her search to find wearable art that complimented her designs which is ultimately how Jen Eales Jewellery was born.

"Jewellery is probably the most compact and portable form of personal art. It often can tell a story about the wearer or the maker. But there is usually some sort of underlying story, often untold, about its own creation, about the influences on the maker who generated and developed the idea, and finally made the work what it is."

Hands-on material manipulation is essential to how Jen works. Objects are shaped and formed as she explores a variety of methods to work the materials. This process brings about a raw aesthetic that she am attracted to. Her making process draws on an accumulation of visual, technical, and personal influences as well as intuitive and reflective. "When it’s right you just know."

Jen's artistic approach is inspired by both sustainable art mediums and the deconstructionist movement. Because of the nature of this approach, no piece or scrap goes to waste. She is an assembler of pieces and finds that sometimes the most unexpected and unplanned combinations are the most beautiful.

Jen Eales is self taught, though she does have a Bachelor of Visual Art which she studied later in life. "It was a great opportunity to mix with and meet like minded artists and share ideas. During this time, my style became very evident and even though it is constantly moving and my practice is fluid, the underlying theme is the same."

Jen's work is an exploration into the endless combinations of colour, texture and shape. Inspired also by the Japanese “Wabi Sabi” concept, she find true beauty in the imperfect and each piece from her collection challenges the traditional idea that jewellery must be perfect. The distinctive signature of the Jen Eales collection is the ever apparent maker’s mark, leaving an imprint of the emotions translated through the creative process.

Etsy: jenealesdesigns

Instagram: @jeneales.maker

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