Raised and based in Byron Bay, Kendra Daniels radiates warmth and beauty in everything she creates. From graphic design to illustrating, Kendra expresses her playful and feminine nature through her warm colours and organic lines. Also a part of a collaborative business 'And Then Some', Kendra uses her platform to sell beautiful gifts that are made and sourced in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way.

"My appreciation and gratitude for the beautiful world we live in fuels the drive to want to create a more sustainable way of living and an ethical way of designing."

Kendra is very into astrology and spirituality and really appreciates when she can read taro cards, journal and do yoga. From soft curves to warm natural colours, Kendra is inspired by the beauty within the world around her.

Kendra is the mastermind behind our gorgeous 'Maker' logo. After discussing my vision, Kendra had a range of sample ideas ready for me to choose from the following day! Working together from different states, I had my ideal logo completed within a few days.

Instagram: @studio_kendra


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