By professional practise a painter and drawer, Kim Rayner is also a silversmith who has incorporated jewellery making in along the way. Breath and Essence, her jewellery line, is inspired by nature, showing us the value of simplicity and elegance.

Breath and Essence came into being in 2004 and is ever evolving. Kim explains the importance of creativity, nurturing, breath and the space in between and how these things inspire her to continue to create new beautiful pieces.

Kim's jewellery is known for incorporating naturally tumbled ocean sea glass and other natural objects like sea urchin spikes and rainforest seeds. She likes to give her pieces a gentle connection to earth by taking inspiration from the leaves and shells found around her home in Mission Beach.

Breath and Essence has been featured as wearable art in the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery in Townsville and the Northsite Contemporary Arts Gallery in Cairns. Kim has also worked alongside some of Australia's greatest painters and creators at the National Art school in Sydney, NSW where she studied a Bachelor of Fine Art.

When she isn't creating, you'll find Kim spending time with her son, going for long beach walks and loving life outdoors. She loves to dance and even practises silks and acrobatics each week!


Instagram: @breath_and_essence

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