From graphic and web design to pottery, Kylie Cooper loves anything artistic or creative! She's been a hobby potter for three years and just recently decided to go full time, working from her studio in Clifton beach almost every day. Kylie's brush with fame was when her bowls were featured in Louis Vuitton for their display - a tiny thrill for a small business like hers!

"I love pottery because it’s not easy & there’s a lot to learn. It’s very addictive & find the more you know the more you realise you don’t know! It’s not something I will ever master, it’s a continuous learning process - & that’s exciting."

Kylie is very passionate about supporting Australian made and has 6 pottery wheels which were all created in Western Australia. She is looking into getting a new kiln which will be either Tetlow or Woodrow, both Australian brands. All clay used by Stick in the Muds is supplied from a Keane Ceramics, a small family business from NSW. She uses recycled materials for packaging so you may just find your vase packed in a old shoe box!

Kylie says she is inspired by her beautiful family and amazing husband who works tirelessly and supports her so that I she can do what she loves.



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