From qualified rocket scientist to wine-lover extraordinaire, Lucy Holland, is absolutely taking the barware industry by storm! She founded her business, CLINQ, just 4 years ago and has been evolving ever since.

"I've always been the creative, hands on type. Always making and building things when I was younger (or taking them apart). After getting stuck in a corporate job for too many years, I took a leap of faith and decided to follow

my passion of design (and wine). "

Lucy explains that her passion for creating high quality, unique barware stems from her love of social occasions, be it an intimate dinner for two or a large event. Mingling, chatting and laughing nourishes genuine connections, long-lasting friendships and beautiful memories – all things that are incredibly important to Lucy.

"The engineer cliché I don’t live up to is that of being introverted; I’m a social butterfly and even more so with a glass of wine in my hand!"

As a designer, Lucy prefers to create her own style rather than follow trends. Her products are intended to stand out so that you can have that sense of exclusivity and indulgence. These qualities also make them rank high on the gifting wish-list, so if you’re looking for that elusive keepsake gift, no need to look any further.

CLINQ products are created ethically alongside artisans in India. Before this, Lucy used to handcraft her products herself! Now she sticks to the design process and ensures they are created exactly how she envisions them to be.

Based on the Central Coast of NSW, you'll find Lucy being active in her spare time. She is a big believer in keeping fit, healthy and eating well... in saying that,

she also loves a glass of wine or two!


Instagram: @clinq_barware

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