Founded by beautiful Mish Ryan-Welsh, Wild Throw Co was inspired by many years of travelling the world, living out of backpacks and life on the road. Mish wanted to create the perfect rug that was not only multi-functional, lightweight and unique, but also made with the environment at heart.

Since launching in July 2020, (coincidentally, the exact day we opened Maker!) Mish explains that "it’s been the most challenging but also the most wonderful six months" and wakes up every day feeling very grateful that she's able to work in a field that she absolutely loves!

"Our first collection was inspired by our travels, nights spent looking up at the stars from the other side of the world, and earthy/raw pigments. We wanted to introduce neutral colour palettes to compliment any home style, and dreamy hand embroidered details that transport us to another place on earth when we use them."

Wild Throw Co is extremely passionate about conserving the environment which is why they have a 'zero plastic policy' and package their throws in 100% compostable packaging that you can put in your green waste/compost bin. Each quarter, the they also support an environmental organisation in need. This quarter, they are partnering with One Tree Planted.

"Ethical choices are ones that consumers are thankfully making more frequently than ever before, and we love that. Our throws at times are not always 100% perfect, symmetrical, or a cut copy of one another as they are not made by machines, but by loving hands."

Each throw has been trimmed, embroidered, sewn and the tassels weaved all by hand by talented artisans in India, which is incredibly special and unique. Mish explains that they have tried to maintain and incorporate traditional Indian techniques throughout production. This includes hand-loomed tassels, traditional block-print, and embroidery work. She believes wholeheartedly that ethical practices are of utmost importance and encourages everyone to support small and handmade.

With 156k followers, Mish and her husband Kirk are one of the most adored Aussie influencer couples. Together they have travelled the world exploring its most magical wonders but says that they will always call Adelaide, South Australia home.

"There’s just something about experiencing a new place, culture, or way of life. Although travel opportunities have been a little more limited this past year, it’s made us appreciate all that we have in our own beautiful country here in Australia, and we can’t wait to see more!"



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