Entrepreneur, author, blogger, influencer and artist, Naomi Simson, is the ultimate boss lady! Between running her experiential gifts company, Red Balloon, and publishing best selling guidebooks, Naomi counter balances her busy lifestyle with getting lost in her paints.

"Growing up I had wanted to be an artist. My mother encouraged me to have a business career, and I am forever grateful that she did."

You may actually recognise Naomi as one of the investors from Shark Tank Australia! With over 2.8 million LinkedIn followers, Naomi believes her gift is the ability to share insights, experience and observations about business, innovation and success. While her world revolves around business leading, Naomi's true passion lies in painting incredible nature inspired scenes of colour.

"During early 2020 I took the time to reflect on my 30 year journey in paint. I present here a retrospective of my paintings. I share them in the spirit of understanding that not one thing defines us. That there are many aspects to what it is to be human."

Naomi explains that painting for her is a personal journey and that she can spend hours lost in the exploration of colour. Each painting tells a story of an experience re-imagined. Her latest pieces capture the movement of elements in our local area. Inspired by Four Mile beach and Oak Beach, Naomi describes her paintings as a depiction of the sands moving in the wind, leaving patterns of sea weed and debris as well as the effervescent water dancing into the shore.

You can see some of Naomi's work in store or follow along with her journey online.

We are very grateful to be collaborating with such an inspiring and passionate woman!


Instagram: @naomisimson


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