Full time dive instructor, Shay Kelly, also creates divine essential oil remedies! Shay began studying them from a young age and after learning about the numerous chemicals she was blindly putting into her body, she decided to start creating her own alternatives.

After suffering from anxiety, Shay found that natural essential oils like lavender and clary sage helped ease those uneasy feelings. Clouds in the Sky formed over a year ago when her friends became interested in her wonderful concoctions and loved that she added crystals to each blend for a touch of positive energy. She then found the courage to start selling her rollers via Etsy and now in Maker!

Shay grew up in beautiful New Zealand and moved to Port Douglas at the age of 18. She fell in love with the ocean and has been diving and snorkelling full time ever since. With her heart amongst nature, she also wanted to create natural remedies that were of no harm to the environment or the body.

"I am in awe of anyone expressing creativity from music to crafts. It's so amazing and special to watch people create and do what makes them happy."

Shay says that her friends and family are the most important things to her. She believes in creating a kinder and more positive planet full of things that are good for us and Mother Nature. In her spare time, you'll find Shay looking after her garden or studying herbalism.

Instagram: @cloudsintheskycrafts

Etsy: Clouds In The Sky Crafts

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