Shonnie Lea brings to life her experiences of the world through her artwork. Drawing for up to 8 hours a day, Shonnie is a patient, detailed sketch artist who thrives on expressiveness.

At a young age, Shonnie would tag along to art classes with her mum drawing cartoon figures and learning the basics. By 13, she began to take her work more seriously, entering competitions and fine tuning her skills. Now at 20 years old, Shonnie can spend from 20 - 60 hours creating pencil master pieces!

Art for Shonnie is very personal and often influenced by her emotions. She first fell in love with art through Renaissance artwork, including Michelangelo's pieces as well as the graphic artist M.C Escher. Shonnie's mum, Leanne, and sister, Kiara, both have pursued artistic careers so she has always been grateful to be surrounded by creative energies.

When Shonnie isn't drawing, she finds fulfilment out of meeting new people and travelling to new places. She adores looking after her garden, listening to post casts and reading. You'll usually find her scoping out new op shops and going to live music gigs.

Instagram: @shonnielea

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