For Sue Wheatley, handcrafting natural, chemical-free soaps is a full time job. Almost 4 years ago, she decided to start making more delicate soaps due to skin issues and now runs a successful small business,The Soap Shed.

Sue ensures that all her products are completely free from parabens and sulphurs and made only of all natural, plant-based materials. Each soap bar is created with utmost precision, taking approximately 6 weeks to create, cure and wrap. Her packaging is just as awesome, being plastic free, environmentally friendly and created right in her office!

Sue enjoys spending time bush walking, bike riding and swimming at the

beach with her husband Ed, daughter Isobel and their adorable pup, Ivy. You'll see her on the weekend at the Palm Cove or Mossman markets selling her incredible products!

Instagram: @thesoapshedportdouglas

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