Beach Harvest started in 2013 when Casey Willetts was trying to incorporate more coconut products into her family diet. After not being able to find healthy Australian Coconut products (without the nasty chemicals & preservatives), Casey and her family

decided to start making their own!

After realising just how many coconuts grow naturally where they live, Far North Queensland, they soon found they had an abundant resource they could use! They began experimenting with different ingredients and after dozens of trials, invented the most delicious Sweet Coconut Chips.

Almost 8 years later, Beach Harvest is one of the most loved coconut businesses in Australia. Catering towards Paleo, Keto, gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, grain-free, diabetic, and Raw coconut lovers, the Beach Harvest community has grown far and wide.

The environment is a main priority to Beach Harvest. "We only harvest coconuts we immediately use. We have little unused byproduct. Our commercial kitchen is solar powered and we send all of our orders in repurposed boxes." - Casey

The Beach Harvest family has been featured on The Living Room and spent a day filming with Dr Chris & Migel! They have been in various SBS shows and were a finalist in the Delicious Food Awards.

You'll find the Willetts family enjoying the natural world around them in their spare time. From swimming at the beach and walking through the bush to snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef and travelling Aus, this family adores the outdoors.

Casey explains that what inspires her the most is her children. Being ethical, honest, hardworking and fair is all the traits she hopes to teach them. Casey's next passion is to help the younger generation by getting their ideas off the ground and empowering them to become entrepreneurs and have confidence in their visions.


Instagram: @beachharvest

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